Monday, March 14, 2011

Local Schools in Crisis

Teach our children not our teachers! A Shortfall of 97 Million dollars is an enormous figure for the Duval County Schools to absorb.
For our children to absorb.
Our children.
It is my belief that in a crisis where the school board is actually holding discussions on shortening the week to a four day school week or eliminating  extra-curricular activities, that spending 50 million dollars on “Instructional Staff Training” and “Instruction Related to Technology” is irresponsible and misguided. To give you an idea of how colossal  this figure is, the budget item “Food Services” is also Fifty Million Dollars.
If we have Master Teachers on payroll that have been so brilliantly successful in the classroom that they are now training teachers, then let’s put them in our failing schools and save both the students as well as the schools. If we are paying consultants to educate our teachers, then stop. If we have teachers who cannot be successful without further training, then fire them.
And as for “Training Related to Technology”, there isn’t a second grader out there that cannot navigate the internet, or even WORD for that matter.
Our teachers should already be "trained" when they are hired.
Just stop.
Stop educating our teachers, and get back to educating our children.
Doubt my figures? Download this years Budget Summary ( see page 12) here.

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