Monday, February 21, 2011

What I learned from Joey-

Cow licked brown headed little boy, so obstinate that we would frequently have to collect him out of grandfather’s car in the morning for that long trek down the first grade wing to my kindergarten room.  So full of himself he often appeared to be busting out of his wrinkled shirt, and yet still wearing Velcro sneakers. Grandpa was a robust country boy, sporting his weathered blue jean overalls and tattered plaid shirts as if he just left feeding the chickens to drive Joey to school, now in his twilight years finds himself the guardian of his grandson.
Joey was a trip.
Missing one of his front teeth, prone to finding himself in time-out and often the first to give condolences to his peers who found themselves warming up the corner with him. He had a lot to say. Mostly “I don’t want to” or “I don’t like that”, and his favorite, “is my five minutes up yet?”
And yet, he was incredibly endearing.
But one day, Joey comes down the hallway strutting his stuff a whole three classrooms ahead of dear Grandpa. Yup, something was up, and apparently it was Joey.  He had a more than usual take-charge attitude which manifested itself in his new found macho-bowed-legged swagger.  I was in fer’ it. It was in the middle of circle time, that I noticed, Joey no longer had on his Velcro sneakers, but cowboy boots. Yup, Hoss had decided to join us in class today. But by recess, Hoss was replaced with the Rifleman, and the screaming and pleading children “Stop it Joey, I don’t want to play!” rang out among the swings and slides.
A warning was issued. “If you throw another child on the ground and “arrest them” I am taking your boots!” Well, you know, the Rifleman doesn’t take too kindly to threats.
But there was a new sheriff in town.  When arriving back in the room, I sat the child up on the table, and with one quick thrust both boots were immediatley removed.  And within the hour Joey had returned to me.
Amazing. I hear so many of my teachers complain about feeling disrespected by parents, principals and children.  Only five years old, and Joey already knew what some of us have chosen to forget in life. We can command Rifleman Respect when we live up to our attire. Other's perceptions of us will be formed by whether or not we are strutting our stuff in flip-flops or cowboy boots.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sight word: Girl

A friend of mine, who works in surgery at the local children's hospital, said he has an issue with my "science" behind the Duffy Theory of the rising numbers in Autism. The science??? I pointed him to Paragraph Three where I state: I have NO scientific proof to support this; (just like that other popular doctor).  It was just an idea. An observation.


But weren't all great things born from just an idea?  I stand behind my unscientific theory. I am going to keep talking about it until someone decides to run some statistics on it. Think about it. The Intelligence Gene. I'll even go as far to say it might even matter the particular kind of intelligence in which the parents excel may play a significant role in this.

Well, on to the real message today. This is a cut, paste and match review page for the word "girl."  It assumes that you have the Reading Rocks program already and your children have mastered the previous 23 words in the program. Tomorrow, I will post pages of the first word in Set Two! Dinosaur!!! You know those boys are going to just love it!  So please stop back and print out your pages.
Additionally, we are running a Sale for the rest of February. Look for Sweetheart Specials.